"Not just a massage. An experience that could change your life. I walked in there without expectation and walked out speechless. A must do for any human who has the opportunity. 2 hours will bring about physical, spiritual and emotional understanding that I still can't explain from what I thought was a massage. Thank you Saleemah!" " Aaron Young, Life Coach

"I found Saleemah a few months ago through reading reviews and have had monthly massages with her since. It's hard to put into words the incredible experience of having a massage by her. I've never experienced anything more relaxing. The hardest bit is trying to peal myself off the table afterwards. Saleemah is so caring, intuitive and present. Her hands are so healing and her massages are so deeply transforming. Do yourself a favour and just book in!!" Karen G, Maroochydore

"I had an incredible 120 min KaHuna Massage with Saleemah. Wow!! What a divine experience of being cared for, nurtured and completely relaxed. Absolutely blissful." Sankara Walden, Massage Therapist and Retreat Manager

"I've had Kahuna Massage for the last 25 years and I can honestly say this experience is rated as one of the highest! I will be back! A must for any massage junkie or newbie alike. " " Christy Creighton

"Over the last 30 years, I have been very fortunate to have massage therapy with dozens of very qualified therapists, but I have to admit that Saleemah is definitely way above the rest. She is without a doubt the best I ever had, her massages are just pure bliss. Highly recommended." Dom Massoni, Greenpet

"As a massage therapist myself (and teacher of massage) I am very fussy about who I receive treatments from. The depth of Saleemah's expertise, intuition, warmth and the techniques she incorporates from a wealth of different healing modalities always guarantees a deeply healing and unforgettable experience! I cannot recommend her enough..." Stace Callaghan, Massage & Transformational Kinesiology Therapist, Transpersonal Counsellor, Facilitator of Massage & Personal Transformation Courses

"Saleemah takes your body, mind and soul on an exquisite journey beyond words, her massage is deeply nurturing and brings you through inner turmoil into inner peace, a place where the mind can rest and the body receive. Her body therapies are transformative, being on her table is a profound experience." Danielle Gonsal, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Chef, Facilitator

"Saleemah's sessions are healing from head to toe. I always feel nourished to the bone with her loving and intuitive touch. Her sense of pressure is confident, strong, gentle and precise to my needs at the time. I truly feel as though I've had a deeply healing massage/healing experience every time, and the massages just keep getting better and better. Thank you Saleemah for your heart's gift and everything you put into each session. Blessed are we." Andrea Lopez, Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Therapist, Massage Therapist, Facilitator of Massage, Personal Development and Self-Care Courses

"I have had many incredible massages from Saleemah. Each one uniquely tailored to provide exactly what I needed at that time. All my senses are nourished, Saleemah's treatment room is beautiful and so is she, the music she plays enhances the healing experience, including amazing crystal singing bowls and medicine drum, the coconut oil and sometimes essential oils smell divine and of course her present and loving touch skilfully releases all tension from my body. Every treatment I have had from Saleemah has left me feeling deeply nourished on every level of my mind body and spirit. I highly recommend Enliven Bodywork and healing." Honi Peters, Massage Therapist & Facilitator, Artist/Creator

"Saleemah is a remarkable person, and an exceptionally talented and intuitive practitioner. Every massage I've received by Saleemah felt amazing, so healing, loving & nurturing. A blessing and a gift. The best I've ever experienced & I've had many around the globe. I am willing to travel any distance to experience hawaiian bodywork with her. I would highly recommend Saleemah & her services to you." Mayling Lee

"Thank you Saleemah for a truly incredible experience once again through your care and focused attention with touch therapy. My body, mind and spirit feel lifted after receiving your bodywork. You always deliver more than any other therapist and listen to my needs. Your pressure is always delivered accurately to my areas of concerns which reassures me you are a good listener and intuitive healer. If anyone is wishing to receive what is more than any massage I recommend highly you book in. You won't be disappointed, and you will discover more of yourself through your first treatment than you knew existed. A truly Blissful Enlivening Massage experience." Leisa Dawn, Massage Therapist

"One of the best massages I have ever received, and I have received thousands! Saleemah takes extraordinary care, and has the skill and magical intuitive touch to take you to another level. Truly a master at her craft, I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to receive an incredible healing experience." Shakti Deva, Dance Facilitator

"Saleemah holds the most sacred space, she was one of the first kahuna massages (Hawaiian Temple Lomi Lomi) I ever received nearly 18 years ago! Truly a healer on every level." Sue Lee, Facilitator of Ili Ili Hot Stone Massage, Massage Therapist, Homeopath

"RESET! That is the best word to describe Saleemah's massage experience. From the scenic drive in the rolling green hills, to Saleemah's warm welcome into her beautiful, comforting massage space, I already start to relax. After every session I walk out feeling supremely nurtured and renewed! Clear, focused, stress and tension gone and re-energised in the days following. Saleemah is not only warm and loving but also highly skilled in her craft, using her intuition to read my body and customise a session that is most beneficial for me on the day. No two sessions are alike. Highly recommended!" David H, Musician & Composer

"Purely and simply, the best massage experience I ever had. I have no words, it was pure heavenly bliss. Saleemah is such a caring and humble soul, and I feel blessed to have met her." I, Gympie

"Every fibre of my being grants you love and gratitude, Every part of the universe is sending you Saleemah Golden Rays of Light, I am touched by Wings of Love, I am charged by Sound Vibration, I believe in Saleemah's Ecstatic Healing Hands, The World needs to know this healing is possible! From the deepest oceans of my being I thank you. The rivers of Light have washed away everything that could have been in the way – now I am flowing free. We call all therapists to come and experience Saleemah, the most dedicated, soulful, elemental, connected bodyworker. I was Earthed to the ground by calm deep hands, then I was taken to the edges of the universe with Breath, Song and Flow. The Rhythm heartbeat touched me so deeply. I am I am I am." Mette Sorensen, Principal of Mette's Institute of Hawaiian Bodywork & Personal Development