What I Do

Offering over 20 yrs experience, I welcome and embrace you with my artistry of touch.  Experience the soothing flow of deeply releasing bodywork that is custom designed for your needs to encourage alignment, restore energy flow, relieve body aches and pain and increase your sense of wellbeing.  The best way to receive is to allow yourself to surrender and breathe in the magical touch of healing hands...

My goal is to deliver the best session I can for your particular needs and to love and massage your body in the way you’ve always dreamed to be touched!  No two sessions are the same, as I adapt each session to suit your needs and what my hands and intuition tell me about your physical, mental and emotional condition. Every time you are different and so am I, hence the uniqueness of each experience.  

I use warm organic cold pressed oils to nourish your skin or I can also do a session oil free and fully clothed, depending on your preference and comfort levels on the day.

Enliven Bodywork is a unique fusion of:

A bodywork session can include the following techniques depending on your needs:

Touch can be a powerful, healing and transformative force – and my work is done with 100% respect, honour and love for your body. I believe when the body is massaged in a loving, respectful way, this stimulates your subtle energy channels to open, activates your body's self-corrective reflexes, allows expansion and healing to take place and restores your body and mind to a state of balance, harmony and relaxation.  When your whole being is balanced from within, you soar through life with purpose, focus and effortless grace!

Before a session to get the most benefit I recommend that you are very well hydrated and that you don’t eat anything heavy for 2 hours prior to the session.  After your session I recommend that you allow yourself the time and space for integration if possible (at least 2 hours to allow the body to rest and rebalance).

Every time you receive a session you may experience something different. It has not only a physical benefit but also an emotional and spiritual outcome. You may experience a profound feeling of well-being, feel emotionally calm and rested and, at the same time highly energized, motivated and ready to take on your next project. You may feel your energy channels clear and flowing. You will most likely sleep better, your skin will be smoother, more supple, and it may improve your digestion.  You may unblock emotions that have been long suppressed, creating space for new energy, joy and enthusiasm to pulse through your being!

This unique bodywork experience creates reactions sometimes days after the session, so I encourage you to call/email and communicate about your experiences, changes and feelings in the days that follow your appointment.   I genuinely care about your continued wellbeing and love to receive any feedback you may have!

I welcome you into a clean, relaxing, safe and nurturing environment that invites you to completely let go and receive – all of your senses are nourished with candles, healing scents, calming music, loving touch.  Relax in a healing oasis in the Noosa Hinterland near Cooran.  Showering facilities are available and my massage space is air-conditioned for your preference and comfort.


** Please provide adequate notice to make or change your appointment  (A cancellation fee applies for cancelled or missed appointments - at least 24 hrs notice is required).


Call to make an appointment on Mob: 0413 185 626