About Saleemah

Born in East Africa to Indian parents, and raised in Australia, I am passionate about exploring natural pathways to health and wellbeing.  Since my late teens I have been fascinated by this exquisite and elegant creation, the human being.  Through 30 years of exploration and study in the healing arts I have come to experience and understand that we all have inside of us infinite healing intelligence and innate self-corrective reflexes.

Due to different life circumstances (eg. physical, mental and emotional stress, injury, trauma, poor posture, diet and lifestyle choices, overwork, relationship break downs, lack of support etc.) we can lose connection with our body’s natural healing intelligence.

I see that my role as a bodyworker and natural health therapist is to support people to reconnect to their own healing intelligence and to stimulate their self-correct reflexes so that they leave me feeling clearer, focused, empowered, more balanced and with self-care tools to improve their health and wellbeing in their daily life.

I believe our WHOLE being has the potential to vibrate with joy, love and unrestricted energy, therefore in a session I like to honour, nurture and bring loving attention to every part of you... My work is an invitation to celebrate the whole of YOU body, mind, heart & soul.

I love to build on my skills and training, and I always take at least one new workshop each year – not only to expand on my skills as a professional therapist, but also for my own inner healing. After all, in acknowledging our own experiences and enacting our own healing, we can then reach out to, hold space for, and truly help others.


I am also a registered massage therapist with the ATMS, Member #13019, and can offer Health Fund receipts so you can claim for health rebates from approved funds.

I am passionate about my work and I truly enjoy making a difference to my clients' well-being.  Therefore I voluntarily limit my sessions to 3-4 a day.  This ensures that I have maximum energy and focus to deliver the best outcome for you and have enough time between sessions to cleanse the space and recharge.

Bookings and enquiries can be made on 0413 185 626.